Thursday, October 13, 2005

Otoño (Address)

Address: Does it seem like the poem just stops abrubtly in the middle and change subjects? (ie. the part about the pumpkins to the part about the lawns)

Estaba caminando
Por una calle vacía
Pateando las hojas,
Secadas y muertas,
Rojas, oras
Oliendo las calabazas
y los pasteles.
Los céspedes de
Mis vecinos con
Brujas, fantasmas
Y monstruos,
Terribles, espantosos
Pero, cuando
Otoño esta terminada,
Las hojas han ido,
Y no huelo
Las calabazas y los pasteles
Estoy allá
Solamente caminando.

Walking down
An empty road
Kicking the leaves
Dry and dead
Red, gold
Smelling the pumpkins
And the cakes.
My neighbor’s lawns with
Witches, ghosts
And monsters
Terrible, frightening
But, when
Autumn is done
The leaves are gone
and I don’t smell
The pumpkins and the cakes
I am there
Just walking.


Hilachita said...

wOw!!!! I love how you don't really show any emotion about the leaves, pumpkins, and cakes and then after an interlude of angry-fearful-sad-like emotion towards Halloween, you return to the leaves and pumpkins and cakes with almost a new attitude; contrasting them with the horrible ghosts and filling in the end of the poem with almost regretful emotion of thinking ahead to when they will be gone and you will miss them. I also loved the power of the siimple statement at the end that seems to hold so much.

Grumpy as Always said...

I really liked it sounds like how i feel at halloween. It really makes you think about the seasons with a new attidude.

esperanza said...

The imagery is beautiful, obviously. You take an autumn experience and show the readers the scene through your eyes: it gives a very unique interpretation of a would-be ordinary setting. Nice!

esperanza said...

It seems like a slight diversion, but this is a good technique to use and works very well here. In fact, it defines the poem and makes it more unique than it would be without it.

Hilachita said...

I think that the poem flows beautifully and doesnt really change subjects b/c its all about fall and describes what you see as you walk the empty road.