Friday, October 14, 2005

I Remember... (Press)

*Written during the Poetry Cafe earlier tonight at the Lafayette Public Library*
I Remember
I remember...
smiles in the hallway,
eyes locking, then
tearing away.
"Secret" notes
passed through
twenty people,
ten second
conversations at
lunch, blushing
nervous, sweaty
I remember
middle school
drama, tears
and sighs.
I remember.

I remember...
joking, laughing
blowing off tests,
during passing period
fighting, crying
during passing period.
Hateful glares
and friendly hugs.
I remember.


Grumpy as Always said...

I love it. It describes the year in the mochulars. I think every one felt like it. You might want to split it into more than 2 stanzas though. besides that it was great.

Hilachita said...

pinkroses, every new poem you write just blows me away! I love the stacking of the numbers from 20 ppl to 10 seconds and then later the repition of passing period!