Saturday, November 25, 2006

Ode to Paper (press)

Crisp Whiteness,
Ideas, offering
Of inspiration.
The scribe of
And recorder of
Never have I seen
As a device for
But always as a
of excitement, of nearby
Enmeshed in a
Plain and lovely
Of vibrant words
Into the fabric of
Oh beautiful paper, I am
By your invitation.
Accept its promise
And wait for the
When I can return the
With my own humble

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Mundos Mios

La noche es patria mía y como sale la luna salen las estrellas.
A dormir sol, que día se va, aun veo los últimos rayos.
La luna relumbra la oscuridad, y como lámpara fría y blanca cay sobre la tierra.
Como quisiera ser parte de eso
y tu no quieres compartir en lo mismo.
Noche de noche, luna de mi luna, ahora veo las estrellas salir--

Friday, November 17, 2006

A Night

i look out into the open night
and see the moon gazing back at me
it's a full moon tonight
full of potential
for the creation of my greatest desire
for the realization of my deepest and most unsettling fear
that's why i sit here at the window sill
dark figures, dark sillohuetes, dark waves mix to form a tranquil spectacle
occasional cars cut through the darkness with their bright lights

i wait

And as the minutes dwindle by
a sick feeling twists and writhes its way into your stomach
as you slowly begin to realize
your hope is dead
those idle minutes
spent peering out at the night
you thought it would happen
but you were wrong
and you knew you'd be wrong
that's why this particularl monster
sinisterly winding up through your body is so disturbing

nobody called.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Mourning Elm // Press

The winter claims trees’ dawning purity:
ignored, as screaming branches shattersplit,
and noble leaves blur to obscurity
(for to the bitter snow they must submit).
Or analyze these brittle, tortured clouds,
each tiny piece hacked from avenging air
and banished to the brief and blood-stained ground.
Could transient self-pity ever compare?
Your jaundiced glares and grandiose demands,
excuses for your egocentric pleas,
will crack when juxtaposed with wintered lands
and destinies of lacerated trees.
These sterling ones were stolen in your stead.
Your snowing soul should be the shameless dead.

Ode to the Floor // Press

I mean--
how would you feel?
Does anyone ever thank the floor?
They decorate themselves
to please us--
fuzzy carpet, cold concrete,
slick hardwood--
but all too often, they are ignored.
What would we do
without a floor?
If it finally snapped--
one too many muddy bootprints
trampling indiscriminately
without so much as a
if one day it just got up and left,
where would we be then?
So thank you, floor,
for all you've done.
I apologize for our
neglect of your feelings.
Make sure to thank the floor,
or one day it might just leave.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I Remember [parts 1 and 2] (Press)

I have already posted the first I Remember poem up here but I thought that I would include it when I posted the second one so that you could see the similarities//differences. Enjoy!

I Remember [part 1]
I remember...
smiles in the hallway,
eyes locking, then
tearing away.
"Secret" notes
passed through
twenty people,
ten second
conversations at
lunch, blushing
nervous, sweaty
I remember
middle school
drama, tears
and sighs.
I remember.

I remember...
joking, laughing
blowing off tests,
during passing period
fighting, crying
during passing period.
Hateful glares
and friendly hugs.
I remember.

I Remember [part 2]
I remember...

playful hugs and angry stares,
the silly language of high-school courtship,
the cold silence of a break up,
broken pencils, lost textbooks
and missing assignments,
half-empty classrooms and
all day field trips.
I remember.

I remember...
hour-long exams, mile-long runs
lunch table giggles and
heartwrenching sobs,
the nights spent staring at the cieling
early morning texts,
unfinished homework, extra credit projects,
too-long pep assemblies
lunchtime anthem rehearsals.
I remember.

I remember...
final exams, ice cream labs,
passing notes with half of Chem class
teachers' lectures, Valentines Day blues,
jealous looks
and cheesy pickup lines,
fancy dresses, loud music, 3-inch heels
flag football, locker room gossip.
I remember.