Friday, November 17, 2006

A Night

i look out into the open night
and see the moon gazing back at me
it's a full moon tonight
full of potential
for the creation of my greatest desire
for the realization of my deepest and most unsettling fear
that's why i sit here at the window sill
dark figures, dark sillohuetes, dark waves mix to form a tranquil spectacle
occasional cars cut through the darkness with their bright lights

i wait

And as the minutes dwindle by
a sick feeling twists and writhes its way into your stomach
as you slowly begin to realize
your hope is dead
those idle minutes
spent peering out at the night
you thought it would happen
but you were wrong
and you knew you'd be wrong
that's why this particularl monster
sinisterly winding up through your body is so disturbing

nobody called.

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