Monday, October 29, 2007

Autumn (Bless)

Autumn is the smell of pumpkins,
dry leaves, pies.

It's warm scarves and light jackets.
It's walking home instead,
going out of your way
to crunch that extra crackly leaf.

It's raking, and carving,
and ringing doorbells.

It's decorations, costumes,
and tables full of family,

warm food, long chilly nights,
and always, that little hint of

Magnetic Class Poem Fun (Bless)

(For those of you that forgot, these are the two poems we created in class at the beginning of the year. Enjoy!)
different music is love
whispers for you
we jump and fly believing
every dream is more
to wish by a special thought
at night always together family of friends

we are happy together boy and girl talk
blue music winds and butterfly love
always wants summer as a dream garden
different thoughts glow
you are home friend
believe magic wishes bring morning
I see all
but my lightest day is dark
and the moon she is a whisper to every bird
jump out yellow window

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Stained Glass (Press)

I think
that afternoon
I shattered away
into luminous bits
some flew into your eyes
and glimmer there, shy
when I look at you
I thought I recognized
someone I knew
that night
it flashed within,
as lightning revealing
a tree's slight shadow
I knew
and instantly forgot
consciousness transcended, maybe
up through winking stars
when I glanced
at forgotten fragments
strung together
in your glassy gaze

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Wither (Press)

inside me
lie things unresolved
things unconcluded

let my mind fall
into a forbidden place

land softly in memories
lie quietly on desires

shoved back so far
you cannot convey them to anyone
they prevent you from interacting properly
if you become engrossed in these
you will die

you'll lie there
waiting, wasting, withering away
for something that will never come

these are things you know
you're not supposed to think about
things you're not supposed to want
but they're there

and all you can do is write
meaningless and empty poems that don't come close to explaining anything
words to describe what happens there do not exist

and your frustration at all these dead ends
builds up into an intense fury
that amounts to nothing

all you can do is live your life
with those emotions existing covertly under the surface
constantly, constantly, always there

ripping, gnawing, biting at your soul

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sleep (Press)

begins to
cry in my
ear, into which sounds
fall, a pit of
gravel, each
He a small note in the
I chord
jangles with
kicking violence
meaning flow
out like
platonic blood. The
resounds in cacophonous
teetering on
wistful precipice.
Xylophones pound
you out in a
zephyr fallen.

The Guardian

I see all that you see. I hear all that you hear. I feel all that you feel. I am the Guardian here to listen and aid you. Finding yourself through my guidance, becoming what you are meant to become.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Debris (Press)

I see myself floating
on the air's palm
enveloped in still clarity
serene sparkling

The rain is the thought
of shining blue
it hangs and yields
to the motion of the sun

Tears remain inarticulate
in my tranquil quiet
they fall like leaves forgotten
to the dead twig of a smile.