Sunday, September 30, 2007

Autumn (press)

I've lost my way in a forest of trees
somehow, somewhere, someones chasing after me
the smells so sweet
the air so fine
oh how I wish these all were mine
the dark figure approaches
and I'm just standing there taking it all in
how wonderful it was
in my last moment of life
no sadness, no grieving, not even strife
then as quick as I enter here
I exit
my body stays
but my spirit goes
to even a more beautiful place
as fast as the autumn leaf blows

Silence (press)

No one listens
to me
it's quiet
I'm screaming
" Somebody hear me! "
somebody needs to hear me
needs to listen
insted of shutting me out
another day gone

Saturday, September 29, 2007

On the wind

Soft wind blows remembering the past that was once in grasp
Calling on the wind
Come back to me
Come back to my love
Come back for me
In soft words that none can translate
Ancient tongue of old
Riddled in song that only soft voiced of the old posses
Come back come back
And remember the times of old

A Curse

Lost without hope for the soft touch of death
Consumed by the monster you are
Unable to resist
And then
You see nothing
Nothing ahead to look for
No hope for an end Nothing
to stop you from it
Nothing to hold you back
Nothing to make amends for what you have done

Thursday, September 27, 2007

It's just a game

you look at me with deep blue eyes
you stare at me which you can't deny
your eyes shift from me and the wall
your eyes shift to me in the hall
I stare back which I can't deny
you never say anything and I wonder why
I don't know if you like me
I don't want to ask
to tell the truth I want these stares to last
I sometimes I wait in the halls to catch your eye
for this I'm not sure about and I can't tell you why
you of course come right on cue
and me in turn start staring at you
and you look at me with deep blue eyes
the same color as the deep blue sky's

Monday, September 24, 2007

A Whirlwind of nothingness (press)

as i fall through a whirlwind of nothingness
i fell more heartless with every second of darkness
and i continue to fall down this life draining tunnel
thinking "when will there be and end to this funnel."

but there is no end, i see no way to stay alive
these demons want my body, so my soul can die,
i see my flesh ripped open as i slowly black out
before i die, i hear one more scream, so i shout.

i woke up, i was on the other side
no demons anywhere, so i don't have to hide.
i wipe the blood of my face, and slowly rise,
I'm staggering trying to refocus my eyes.

pain through my body, my joints are aching
I'm in hell, there is no mistaking.
no guessing, and all i see is flames and death
i feel restless, my body has acid breath.

what can i do, i didn't make this decision
this isn''t the way that i want to be living
all i wanted was to be set free
but i can't escape from all of this misery

Freshman (press)

It's like I have a disease
if you come too close
you will catch it too
or something
only my diseased comrades come to say something to me
I sit in a corner
against the wall
no one says anything
to me
they live in their own world
and us with freshman-itious
are not welcome

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Dandelion (Press)

the blue music of my thoughts
swishes you back in its
crescendo toward the breeze
and in a sea of grassy whispers
you sing hushed melodies
we sway along
in a current of unconsciousness
infinitely distant
and word by word
you float from me
like wishes in the wind

Rain of an empty heart ( Press)

by: Foxy Lady

tragic life
will always contain a jewel
that is your heart

without you I live in a lonely street
where the day passes
and gives me no sun
Where I am left in the dark of the night
my life halts
graceful singing of rain yet
storm drains
Remain Empty
Along with my heart

A path that we must go on (Bless)

By:Foxy Lady

What is one to do when they are stuck at a cross road and each path takes them somewhere that they might want to be?
Should they take the road that they see as the better one?
Should they take the road they know the world wants them to take?
Do we know what road to take?
Are we just guessing and hoping that we choose right?
Is there a right or wrong way for us to go?
Is it the road that we were intended to take?
Is the road we choose correct?
Did we fail in our expectations?
When we pick a road is there any going back?
Or are we stuck on the road we chose even if it is wrong?
Will we ever know what the correct road is?
Or will we just wander on the paths that we choose?

Will we even know?