Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A path that we must go on (Bless)

By:Foxy Lady

What is one to do when they are stuck at a cross road and each path takes them somewhere that they might want to be?
Should they take the road that they see as the better one?
Should they take the road they know the world wants them to take?
Do we know what road to take?
Are we just guessing and hoping that we choose right?
Is there a right or wrong way for us to go?
Is it the road that we were intended to take?
Is the road we choose correct?
Did we fail in our expectations?
When we pick a road is there any going back?
Or are we stuck on the road we chose even if it is wrong?
Will we ever know what the correct road is?
Or will we just wander on the paths that we choose?

Will we even know?

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