Monday, September 24, 2007

A Whirlwind of nothingness (press)

as i fall through a whirlwind of nothingness
i fell more heartless with every second of darkness
and i continue to fall down this life draining tunnel
thinking "when will there be and end to this funnel."

but there is no end, i see no way to stay alive
these demons want my body, so my soul can die,
i see my flesh ripped open as i slowly black out
before i die, i hear one more scream, so i shout.

i woke up, i was on the other side
no demons anywhere, so i don't have to hide.
i wipe the blood of my face, and slowly rise,
I'm staggering trying to refocus my eyes.

pain through my body, my joints are aching
I'm in hell, there is no mistaking.
no guessing, and all i see is flames and death
i feel restless, my body has acid breath.

what can i do, i didn't make this decision
this isn''t the way that i want to be living
all i wanted was to be set free
but i can't escape from all of this misery

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