Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I Remember [parts 1 and 2] (Press)

I have already posted the first I Remember poem up here but I thought that I would include it when I posted the second one so that you could see the similarities//differences. Enjoy!

I Remember [part 1]
I remember...
smiles in the hallway,
eyes locking, then
tearing away.
"Secret" notes
passed through
twenty people,
ten second
conversations at
lunch, blushing
nervous, sweaty
I remember
middle school
drama, tears
and sighs.
I remember.

I remember...
joking, laughing
blowing off tests,
during passing period
fighting, crying
during passing period.
Hateful glares
and friendly hugs.
I remember.

I Remember [part 2]
I remember...

playful hugs and angry stares,
the silly language of high-school courtship,
the cold silence of a break up,
broken pencils, lost textbooks
and missing assignments,
half-empty classrooms and
all day field trips.
I remember.

I remember...
hour-long exams, mile-long runs
lunch table giggles and
heartwrenching sobs,
the nights spent staring at the cieling
early morning texts,
unfinished homework, extra credit projects,
too-long pep assemblies
lunchtime anthem rehearsals.
I remember.

I remember...
final exams, ice cream labs,
passing notes with half of Chem class
teachers' lectures, Valentines Day blues,
jealous looks
and cheesy pickup lines,
fancy dresses, loud music, 3-inch heels
flag football, locker room gossip.
I remember.


esperanza said...

Oh, this makes me so nostalgic! Good times! The great part is that I think it could make anyone feel nostalgic for high school, youth, etc. It's personal and universal all at once. Sweet!!

ShallowRose said...

As if I hadnt been nostalgic enough tonight, I had to go ahead and read this. I havent even been on here for weeks, but I decided to get on so I wouldnt just sit thinking, cas you know I dont like it when I have time to think. Haha, how ironic.

Anonymous said...

This is really good. I enjoyed the way you used so many common "life in school" themes and made it so relatable. Nice job!