Monday, October 30, 2006

The Scientist (Bless/Press)

She seems to pervade into all my thoughts

I can see her
Standing, peering over my mind
Ready to make her next drop
Of perfectly mixed intelligence
Onto my easily permeable mind

The soft watery sound of the drop
Clear and translucent
Causes a pleased, warm smile to come to her lips

The white environment
Clear blue sky
Seem to radiate
With a soft glow
That so becomingly
Accents the soothing skin of the beholder

I lie there
Looking up at her,
By both my curiousity
And her evident power

Her mind
(so superior
as the scientist she is)
Avidly watches the effects take place
With a fervour only matched by love

The delicate strands of my mind
Work constantly to deal with the new
And confusing intelligence
So professionally supplied
And adequately confounding

I drown.


esperanza said...

Great word choice! The metaphor of water and drowning is also nicely expressed throughout the poem, and I think you convey the feeling of love very accurately from a unique perspective. Awesome!

Soma Obsidian said...

Thank you. This is my favorite poem of mine and has been for a long time. And I'm curious of your interpretation of the love in the poem, so if you would elaborate on it, I 'd love to read it and see what readers think.

esperanza said...

Just the focus on the subject shows your love for her - you pay attention to every detail and admire her in every way. Plus, the drowning thing makes sense, as you lose yourself in her presence.