Monday, October 09, 2006

Expression (Press)

I try, I try so hard for complete individuality,
like total independence will cure me of everything -
it seems radical, extreme, like it might work
if I only follow it for a little while longer,
but truly, my ills are only worsened by
the absence of others, for without them,
I soak up all the sorrow and it stays there,
invading my spirit perpetually;
we must purge from time to time,
expel our misery and suffering
through our words or our tears,
and lay the burden down for others to comtemplate,
because without friendship we wilt,
and without love we can never grow.

1 comment:

Soma Obsidian said...

I agree. I find that I try to be original, innovative, or individual in so many things that it ends up tying me down. I try to put so much thought into doing something new or something different that i forget the simplicity of just letting something be, or just letting my thoughts come out as unoriginal as they are.

Thanks for the reflection. Good work.