Saturday, October 28, 2006

Another Opnin' Another Show (Press)

People are running to and fro.
The sharp sounds of drilling echoes through the room.
Costumes are flying everywhere.
Boxes are being rifled through,
people begin screaming for things that aren't there.
A loud slam is emitted when gravity pries a couch from the hands of two.
Actors shout, battling over the noise.
The director waves her hands, desperate to get everyone's attention.
The sour notes of the unprepared band float through the auditorium bringing hands fast to unprotected ears.
The light flicker on and off, demands are yelled across the stage and frustrated responses yelled back.
A bewildered girl stands over tables piled with props, a notebook with scribbles clutched in her hands.
A cry of warning is sounded as a bucket filled to the brim with orange paint crashes to the floor and people with paint brushes find that they've been painted on themselves.
The stage manager runs frantically, trying to find actors who are supposed to be onstage.
People with cameras snap pictures of the ongoing havoc, smiling as they imagine the pictures in the yearbook.
Cues are whispered loudly to actors who haven't exactly learned their lines.
And a slightly out of tune piano plays notes over and over trying to engrave them in a troubled singer's mind.

But in the midst of this pandemonium, I smile.
Because it's just another opnin' of another show.

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