Sunday, October 01, 2006

The way it once was

You have no idea what you mean to me
You have no idea how much
How much I look up to you
And out of everything you have done,
It is my heart that you have touched

I can't explain how happy I am
When I get to see your smiling face
Or when I get to talk to you
And we can chat about anything
What ever may be the case

I can't stand not being with you
As much as I once was
I can't stand missing you
And missing the way it once was

Forever I will be there
And in my heart you will stay
You have been there through the smiles, And the tears
And that is why I love you
I will every single day


La Maestra said...

Would you like Bless, Press or Address?

Lights_Up said...

um press. I think!