Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Whistle Club (Press)

*This was from our Poetry Club meeting today, the whistle prompt (obviously).

The Whistle Club
When I was little,
in third grade,
to be exact,
my friends had a
whistle club.
Anyone could join-
all you had to do was be able to
They sat around at recess and
whistled songs,
seeing who was the loudest.
I sat near them
listening to
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Mary Had A Little Lamb
Frere Jaque and
The Barney Theme Song.
Everyday they picked a new song
and everyday, I sat there
listening as Geoff, Adam and
even Chelsea joined in.
Finally, I was there alone,
the only one who couldn't whistle.

1 comment:

Hilachita said...

I really like how this poem makes whistling such a small this in all you have to do to join the club is whistle, and then elevates it to a huge deal as you stand around admiring their whistling until this little 'whistling' becomes a huge social barrier. It almost reminds me of racial issues - since when is skin color such a big deal?