Thursday, October 13, 2005

living the poet's life (bless)

living the poet’s life
means walking around
with a bruise slowly
spreading across my skin

a loss of defenses in
exchange for seeing the
world in jeweled necklaces

(words link to phrases) that
circle my neck and
rest across my collar bones
threatening to choke
but decorating me

adding a modicum of glimmer
to the world


esperanza said...

I really like all the comparisons. They add a lot of depth and meaning to the poem. I love how the second stanza expresses how poetry can add beauty and adornment to life but also make the poet more vulnerable because of his/her bare emotions.

Tuesday said...

I love how the jewelry metaphor runs through the whole piece. The ending with "modicum of glimmer to the world" finishes off beautifully.

Hilachita said...

I really like the way you relate the poet's life to something like a slowly spreading bruise. I especially liked the parentheses that surround one of the only phrases that isn't a metaphor, like you mean to find a metaphor for it later, but for now this is what you mean.

Grumpy as Always said...

I really liked it. It might make it seem like poets are different form others and you can tell by the "bruise" but you really can't