Sunday, April 09, 2006

Untitled (Press)

I'm restless.
My feet ache to pace the newly-mowed grass
and I can no longer keep pushing this desire away.
I tuck my small, blue ipod into my front pocket,
arrange my journal, folder, and recently removed flip-flops
underneath my jacket, and tread softly over the grass,
bible in hand, following my feet as they lead me across the park.
I can see the other people there
sprawled out, all alone, sitting, standing...

and yet I ignore them as I cross quickly to
the cloudy water of the lake.

Perching carefully on a rock sitting half submerged in the water,
I dangle my fingers off the edge,
skin lightly trailing through the water.

For some reason, this action has soothed my restlessness,

and I am again able to open up, and explore Your love...

The music changes, song to song, and still I sit,
hands alternately stroking pages, and the murky cold water.
I talk to You as I sit.
Hesitantly at first, scared to open up and
myself, my actions, my desires, my thoughts...

but soon discover a borderline-obsessive need to spill-

spill everything, spill thoughtsdesiresactionsself

I'm done and I feel a sense of...
peace? acceptance?
as if all I'd told You was nothing new,
and You'd already forgiven.
The rock has turned cold, and I jump up and
carelessly and without a destination
when I reach my own grassy hill,
and throwing
myself down into the grass and staring
up at the newly forming clouds.
A need for sharing comes over me so sharply
I gasp
slightly and my face is suddenly plunged into darkness
by Your shadow as You tower over me.
As though You can read the half-formed request
in my mind-
request, or need, I haven't quite determined-

You lay next to me, on top of that hill,
under the
scarcely clouded sky, and together we lay in silence,
a silence in which we share everything,

a silence I am loathe to end,
but must break,
as the distant shapes of all the others
stand up slowly,
ambling over to chat with one another
they head back to the bus, back into the present,
and I must follow.

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Hilachita said...

fanTASTic poem, as always, pinkroses!! I love the how the imagery relates so perfectly with the emotions, and how you use climax and calm to maximize your point. It's just that cool.