Thursday, July 20, 2006

Esperar/To Wait (Press)

esperar significa todo,
con años pasados,
imágenes como pinturas
en el aire,
cosas imaginadas,
que flotan como fantasmas
enfrente de mis ojos
en la oscuridad de la noche,
en la confusión de no saber nada,
y sentarme aquí en el silencio
de esperar.

to wait means everything,
with years past,
images like paintings
in the air,
imagined things,
that float like ghosts
in front of my eyes
in the dark of night,
in the confusion of knowing nothing,
and sitting here in the silence
of waiting.


pinkroses said...

This reminds me of some of the writing of Octavio Paz, who I personally think is an incredible poet. Nice job! This is great writing :D I love how you begin and end the poem with "wait" and "waiting." Keep up the awesome work!

Anonymous said...

i really like how you put the poem in two languages.

Anonymous said...

It sounds prettier in Spanish than in English! I really like it.

Anonymous said...

no entiendo espanol.