Sunday, January 15, 2006

Summer (Address)

Address: I feel like the ending of this poem is off-topic. Do you agree? Is it distracting? Should I change it, or leave it how it is?
A warm, balmy day.
School's out, and I wander
about the town.
A few cool breezes
pass me by as I
amble slowly with
no particular destination.
I smell spicy spaghetti sauce
mixed with
oily french fries and
hot green chili,
drifting in the wind.
Strangers pass me
and I gaze at their
faces with empty eyes.
I'm walking to nowhere
down the two-laned road,
not really noticing where I am.
I hear voices shouting,
Spanish, English, a mix of both.
Time passes slowly,
then faster, as the scents
change and I stop walking
as I look out across
the street at the stoplights
blinking yellow, green and red
as lines of cars, gleaming
in the sunlight
and then start again.
The crosswalk light flashes
and I cross the street to my house,
run up the slightly crooked front steps and
shut the heavy wooden door against the
afternoon heat.

1 comment:

Hilachita said...

Ya, I think the ending is seperate from the aimless, empty, apathetically themed beginning majority of the poem. Very nice imagery, and you communicate your ideas well