Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Relief (bless)

This was the sonnet we had to write for Brit Lit

Chosen words are few, as my blood filters through my heart and veins,
acroos my mind to my finger tips where my heart speaks as my pen takes
aim, between the lines of these sheets that have become waht I am.

And slowly I write waht I've become and what I want to be, as all the pain
is drained from me,the ink becomes my blood forever leaving a stain for all to see.

I've never been heartless, to know me you have to listen to my words speak,
to you there harmless, to me every page you turn is to see me bleed
as my heart cries pure emotion and nothing less, for my thoughts are the workds i breathe interperted into words you read.

To understand them is to understan me, and to understand me is to belive, my love fo you is as real as it'll always be, even if I'm too far, to far for you to reach, I'm always there for I am what you read.

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La Maestra said...

Welcome AztecPoet! It's good to have you blogging!

You have many beautiful images here. I especially love: "I'm always there, for I am what you read". It's a lovely emulation and I'm so glad you posted it.

One suggestion: try spell checking your pieces before you post them so that we are certain that everything you type is deliberate.
Your hands may be making typos that you don't intend. :)