Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ode to the Floor // Press

I mean--
how would you feel?
Does anyone ever thank the floor?
They decorate themselves
to please us--
fuzzy carpet, cold concrete,
slick hardwood--
but all too often, they are ignored.
What would we do
without a floor?
If it finally snapped--
one too many muddy bootprints
trampling indiscriminately
without so much as a
if one day it just got up and left,
where would we be then?
So thank you, floor,
for all you've done.
I apologize for our
neglect of your feelings.
Make sure to thank the floor,
or one day it might just leave.


Hoshi Himura said...

I love it's creativity and originality. It's not everyday you hear a poem about the floor of all things. It's awesome!

Anonymous said...

haha. I love this poem. It's like passionate. ABOUT A FLOOR! I love it. muy bueno.

Anonymous said...

it was very interesting, and unique.