Monday, October 02, 2006

Where is Beauty?

We see beauty in the people we call beautiful.

We say that we find beauty every day,

In a warm embrace, or the grace of a hand,

The outer beauty of a rose, or in a mural of art.

Yet we see beauty as we are, and not how it is.

Beauty is what keeps the moon sailing in the night sky.

Beauty helps the river run until it naturally descends the waterfall.

Beauty is the time given to a rose before it withers and dies.


La Maestra said...

Shallow Rose,

Please indicate what kind of feedback you want: Bless, Press or Address.

pinkroses said...

Since you didn't say bless/press/address or anything, I'm gonna assume this is a 'bless' and that you want me to say lovely things about it. Which I will do :D I like this a lot. I happen to think you have a point here. The images are beautiful [sorry, no pun intended..] and I sure hope you keep writing, because it's fantastic!