Sunday, October 29, 2006

Protective Equipment Must be Worn (Press)

Watch out.
Don't pass that line.
If you go over that line,
Something bad might happen.
You might bet hurt.
Or someone might hurt you,
You might suddenly fined you're ill,
And need to go home.
Does it mean what's dispensed out of a bathroom?
Does it mean a hard hat?
Who knows....
They should be more specific:
"No Man Not Wearing a Condom Will Not be Allowed"
"Hard Hats and Construction Equipment Must be Worn"
Who's to say how someone will interpret it?
A boozer could come in,
Looking for some action.
This is what is destroying America.
The unspecificness of every day life.
Next left, Denver.
How does someone know that they have to go off
The next exit ramp?
They could suddenly turn left
Into the wall.

To much though goes into signs.
This poem is a proof.
I've spent ten minutes writing about
I think
They should be abolished.
The president could put up signs saying,
You know he would.
Look at the mess he's gotten us into.
The generals probably interpreted a sign outside the
White house.
It didn't say "lets go to war with Iraq"
It said,
"Lets go out and play hackysack"
The generals were so bloodthirsty,
they just glanced at it and
Soiled themselves with joy.
I saw it myself.
I stood waiting outside
To talk to the president ,
And all these generals marched up
And soiled themselves.
I could see it and smell it.
It was crazy.
The next day, Bush comes out and says
"we're going to war with Iraq"

1 comment:

esperanza said...

I can sort of see where you're going, but try to give this poem a more specific focus. It's hard to tell precisely what you're attempting to convey. There are also some words that are misspelled ("fined" should be "find", "bet" should be "get", "lets" should be "let's", "to" should be "too," etc.), which you should fix unless you are misspelling them intentionally. The whole president/war thing could be an example, but it's presented more like a random political rant.