Tuesday, October 03, 2006


(It's one of my new favorites, I hope you like it cause I sure do!)
Tears falling
Taste salt
Bittersweet feelings of remorse and regret.
My memories burn my face away into a decaying matter that one should not see.
Torrets of sadness
They take hold of me and tighten their grasp
They make me feel like
the l o n e l y e s t person on this earth
And the worst part,
I still love him
I missed her
He remembers me
She hasn't changed
Life goes on
even if it's hard.
No one cares.
They just keep moving on.
Because that's what life is.
We move on.
Never looking back again.
It is our burden as mortals to wistfully remeber our happiness
and to wish for more.
We never pray for the same hapiness
Just the same feeling
Keep memories close
And your love
even closer
For it may one day


esperanza said...

I really like this poem because it is expressive in a realist sense - it strives to show what things are really like, and it reveals the speaker's feelings.

Soma Obsidian said...

The poem starts out with a cliché idea, but it still has some original thought from the author. I like the rapid-fire examples of "I still love him/ I missed her/ He remembers me/ She hasn't changed" They show how worries rocket through our minds. They're concise and short, yet express so much together.