Wednesday, September 27, 2006


In pensive thought, many have mused,
Why within the way of the world of chaos
Men scientific or ordained religious used.
From end to end, the philosophical and the pious.

The call for raison d'ĂȘtre hungered by humankind
Answering this demand for hope are the entities
Men of genius, men of chastity befall the combined
Each to fight the struggle, the search for remedies.

Methodical to find a resolution by the mathematical
The devout to embrace the spiritual make the decree
Eager by nature, humanity waits in vain all the cynical
To what end will the faithless and ignorant not flee?
In a place as such, who will be the vocation of reason?
Who as malicious could be steadfast in this era of treason?

And yet…they are one in the same,
A familiar face without a name.

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