Saturday, May 20, 2006

Why Didn't I Take the Numbing Shot ?(Bless)

No Pain,
No Felling

The tree is okay, but I'm not
It's not too bad untill it turns black

Ski Patrol races me to the hospital

"Your thumb is disloctaed"


La Maestra said...

The tree is okay, but I'm not

This is my favorite line. I like how you don't reveal the whole context until the very end, and only then does the title make sense.

pinkroses said...

I have to agree with la maestra, but I can't help wondering if in the second line you meant "no feeling" instead of "no felling."

And until only has one L.

Sorry about the grammar-freakness.

It's a rather splendid poem, overall though! Keep writing.

x-treme_geek said...

Yes you are right i ment to put feeling