Saturday, May 20, 2006

What Thinking Can Do (bless)

This poem was written by my sister when she was seventine and bored.

What thinking Can Do

If you go to a party,
And your friends decide to drink,
Do yourself a favor,
And be the one to think.

If you think they are fine,
With their feet on the ground,
You will know your error,
When they are not around.

Yet you will have your memories,
To get you through the years,
Yet instead of bringing laughter,
Those memories will only bring tears.

Drinking and driving kills people,
Even if they are your best friend,
You can fix some mistakes,
But there are those that you can not mend.

Many lives have been claimed,
By drunks behind the wheel,
So do yourself a favor, be the one to give,
Not the one to steal.

This is what God wants,
Which make's it what I want too,
Don't read this and think it is a possibility,
Read it and know that it's true.

1 comment:

esperanza said...

Yes, I totally agree with that message.