Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Moments Evaporate

No, meandering.
I was sort of wandering
down the empty hallway.
As I reached to open
the door, time froze and
then melted strangely
As though time became a block of ice
and the seconds and minutes
melted off at their leisure.
Yes, time changed phase
as I saw his reflection in the door's glass window
He wore his pair of white pants.
Nothing special
except that they were the most special
Most special because he had
chosen to wear them in that moment.
In that drop of time,
he wore his white pants.
The drop froze and time stopped again
several thoughts passed through my mind before
time began to melt into puddles again.
Do I have a snack for during rehearsal?
What was he doing here?
What was our calc homework?
Time suddenly reverted back to its
ancient pattern
of tick-tock

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