Sunday, April 30, 2006


It's you, isn't it?
Turmoil inside
and you're the culprit.

I lay prostrate
on the floor in utter darkness.
Sudden insomnia
plagues my existence.
I inch closer to the speaker.
I can't turn it up.
The man inside
screams from his audio prison.
My heart joins in anguish
as my mind replays it over and over

you take her hand,
knowing i am more beautiful
dressed as a man I may be?

He inhales sharply
to scream again;
the full power of his voice
blasts through the speakers
and I strain to hear it.

you spin her into arms
in perfect rhythm
as my heart beat quickens

His lungs have failed and
his heart is way past beating
the song fades
and the speaker dies
and I remain motionless on the floor.

you finally push her away
as choreographed.
Everyone joins the dance.

Dutifully, I crawl into bed
for the last few hours
of the night to carry me away

the green of her dress
matches too perfectly
my mood, like some perverse
mood ring.

Mourning is coming.


pinkroses said...

I love how it starts out with "It's you, isn't it?" It really makes you go: what? And want to read the rest.

I know what you're talking about here, and you really expressed that feeling well- I've definatly felt like that before!

You're probably one of my favorite poets. Keep writing.

Soma Obsidian said...

I agree with pinkroses about the grabber comment. It's great. There's some grammatical errors in there, jsyk. What I like best in this poem is the relationship between her dress and you. Maybe if you somehow foreshadowed that earlier and made it more of the peom's theme... just an opinion/suggestion. Great Work.

Hilachita said...

actually any grammatical 'errors' are intentional. thnx ;)

Soma Obsidian said...

I thought they were a little suspicious, knowing your work.