Monday, April 03, 2006

Oh my romeo (bless)

I know you are out there
I miss you where ever.
I spend countless nights crying over you.
When will I see you again?
I wish you could feel me
Feel my heart cry out for you to come to me
I am waithng
I miss you my dear

Life just isn't the same anymore
I went to grocery shopping
and I started crying over the memory of you
Come sve me my romeo
Juliet is crying out for you

We are stuck in the notebook

I will never stop loving you
I can't go to bed anymore without crying 311 tears over you


La Maestra said...

Juniper*tears -

Don't forget to ask for "bless" "press" or "address" so people know how to comment on your work!


Anonymous said...

that was really good i really enjoyed that very much you can write very good poetry i am proud of you (erk's my tator )

Anonymous said...

romeo must hasve been a real loser to have lost a princess like you.

juniper*tears said...

romeo didn't loose her she just really misses him where ever he is