Thursday, March 02, 2006

Time (Press)

Time runs its own path
Here and there
Every day every second time runs its allotted course

Entire civilizations crumble under its pressure
Language is forgotten
Emerging with new ideas
Merging from what was
Every new world flourishes for a time
Not earth, wind, water, nor fire matter
Triumph is but momentary
Seclusion is the key.


esperanza said...

I like that! I like the idea of seclusion being the key to success and survival - is this civilization maybe representing society as a whole? It's a good idea, and perhaps you should elaborate on it.

BetaWar said...

Why thank you. Actually I was trying to get the point across that the elements are the real super power (this is of course including time). I like your idea more though.

Hilachita said...

hmmm... the poem is nice, but I find the bold words very distracting and unrelated. If you chose only the most important words to make bold instead of just the first of each line, it might flow better and leave a stronger impression

La Maestra said...

I'm intrigued by the bold print. I liked trying to read it vertically to make sense of the bold words in sequence as separate from the rest of the poem.