Saturday, March 11, 2006

Sad and Cold (press)

It’s cold and gray outside!
That’s just the way I feel inside!
I fight back those tears I’m trying to hide.
I try to smile to hide the way I feel inside.
It’s hard to do to myself.
I lye to myself and don’t ask for help.
I cry all night and wait it out.
I hate this feeling I want to die.
It’s time I call out for some help.
I talk to her, she’s my friend.
It’s better now time to end .


La Maestra said...

Have a skilled and trusted friend check your spelling, Bear. You have some errors that are detracting from the meaning of your poem.

Anonymous said...

the spelling error is the first "in" i think is supposed to be an "I". thank you for writing such a beautiful poem it really gets to me. yeck.