Sunday, March 05, 2006

A Lifeguard moment (press)

Splish splash the children are playing,
In the pool someone is drowning,
A scream is heard a wistle blows,
My heart is racing its going to blow,
I jump right on in to stop the show,
I hear the cry the plea for help,
I'm not to late to help her out,
It's over now the stories done,
The people are gone and I am shunned.


Hilachita said...

I'm confused at the end as to why you are "shunned." otherwise the fast-paced run-on sentence style works to add to the adrenaline

La Maestra said...

This has some vivid images. Like Hilachita, I'm also very intrigued about why the speaker is shunned at the end.

I'm not sure if the spelling choices are deliberate...if not, you might think about proofreading to double check it.

Welcome to the blog!

SoulsForRent said... La Maestra said, I think somethings are spelled wrong.

Anonymous said...

I under stand the shunned part because I can connect with the "lifeguard". Yeck!

luckeybear said...

How about this. The point I was trying to get across was that as a lifeguard you can do everything right and still feel that there was something you did wrong or could have done better

Anonymous said...

I can relate,but is shunned used instead of forgotten becuase it did'nt ryme