Sunday, March 26, 2006

Crazy Lady (press)

Why are you doing this
Oh why are you doing this
You cause me pain with this crazy scheme

All the changes make me want to scream
Why must everything be so clean
Oh I hope I don’t loose my spleen

You make me want to throw cream
Oh yes you make me want to throw cream
To you everything must gleam

Not everything looks as it seems
You made me make up a word like leams
And even a word like cleams

So why don’t you stop being so mean
Oh why don’t you stop being so mean
Maybe you could be more lean


esperanza said...

I think the fact that you are striving to rhyme everything has distracted you from choosing words that might better convey your message.

juniper*tears said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA i know what this is about LUCKYBEAR HEHEHEHEHE i love this poem is captures the exact feelings everyone is thinking about there certant athorator.

Anonymous said...

I scared for you luckybear. don't answer the phone it might be the crazy lady. otherwise these seem to be the words of a partime protector.

Anonymous said...

looks really good =)