Sunday, February 19, 2006

Truth (press)


What tells the truth
Do eyes?
Do hands?
Do mouths?
Does anything?
Of all the things
That may tell the truth
Could it be blood
It boils in anger
it freezes when scared
It is blue in the body
But red in the air
Blood seeps
Blood flows
Blood reveals all
If anything tells the truth
Blood will


Anonymous said...

I like what you are trying to say and I completely agree that blood is truly honest with all things big and small. I think that blood can help others in good and bad ways. Whether the blood is left at a crime scene and can be identified or is donated to help a patient in need blood is there to show the truth...

Anonymous said...

Blood- i just can't connect with blood because i think it is gross and not truthful. i think that faith in other things has the most truth.

Anonymous said...

I like the poem. I think if you are going to use ? marks then you should use them consintley

BetaWar said...

You could have also stated that (in some way) blood was the way into the soul.