Friday, February 17, 2006

It's Real

my hair sways slowly
as I walk
to my room
the tears are dripping
bringing with them faded remembrance
of the day's makeup.

I change
into my pajamas
throw my hair up into a ponytail
and turn the water on
hot and get out the soap
to drown out
my faded face.

My tears fade
as the hot water
sweeps them away.
But the pain
that caused them
stays, even as I wipe my
damp face
with a towel.

This is real
is what I tell myself
over and
over again
as I sit down
on my bed
a magazine
and some hot tea.


esperanza said...

Yay, I really like this. It expresses what happens when something tragic occurs and it's hard to accept it. Nice free-verse, nearly stream-of-consciousness type of writing. If you'd like to go more in that direction, I would suggest going deeper into your personal thoughts, but it's really great just the way it is too.

Hilachita said...
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Anonymous said...

I love this poem! I think that it makes me feel lonely. I loved the way this was wrote and can't wait to read more! Great Job!

Anonymous said...

I really like this. It tells whats its really like to loose something close to you and what goes on after the crying. i like the free verse alot, it gives it flow when i read it.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting, but confuses me a bit. It is almost like just an unknown timeset. It really makes the reader wonder "Why?", "Why is she crying?" "What happened?" and so forth.