Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Blood (press)


Blood,blood seeps
As I sit feeling
Christ is that sensation
No more blood
No more seeping
The blood drips no more
Only a scar
Where it seeped through
Once before


La Maestra said...

You are exploring some provocative ideas and images, delving deeper than in some of your earlier work, no? I like the direction you are going and the more sophisticated content.

Is the "seepa" in the first line a typo? Do you mean "seeps"?

Anonymous said...

I love this poem so much. it's so cool!! When i read it I was like "exactly!!!!!" so yeah. It's really good I think this is my favorite poem you've written

BetaWar said...

Amazing work it goes very well with another of the poems found here. The description is remarkable and very fun to read. While I myself enjoy adding hidden messages to my poems if you know how to look, it is very interesting. Might I ask if there is some significance to the "REVEALED" being all caps or is it just they way it is?