Monday, January 16, 2006

The Truth and the Truthful

The Truth and the Truthful

If I were any closer
To the edge
I would fall off
Because I think too much
into things
Is the reason why I am so solitary
because I want to be
because I’ve changed myself
into this new person
depressed, lonely?
Do I wear foundation
Because I want to
Or because I need to
To convince myself I am acceptable
And in some way
falsely perfect?
And my blush
Is that the added touch?
To make me outstanding
or is it just more cover-up
disguised in a prettier package?
It is not that I want to be like this
I am not trying to be sensitive
or cause drama
I am not fishing for complements
to make me feel better for an instant
I am looking for an outlet
I want to tell
I want to talk about it
so maybe someone can see that
I am just hiding what is really wrong
In a prettier package
So when they all see
When I see
It will all just
Be okay
At least until the packaging rips apart
And the makeup wears off and fades away
Someday they will all see
but that’s okay

I think they already know.


Hilachita said...

nice poem. way to pour ur heart out on paper! the title fits perfectly

Anonymous said...

very nice. i like how you're exploring with questions. girls look better without makeup.

pinkroses said...

I really really like this. :D Nice job!!!

Hilachita said...

Also, the right-aligned text is a really good effect