Saturday, December 03, 2005

She (press)

Inside her mind
she dances
she loves life
she is perfect
she is loved
this she is the she she's always wanted to be
but this she is only a mirage
she cannot dance
for dancing comes from joy of the heart, spirit, mind, or soul
she cannot love life
for life has not loved her
she isn't perfect
for she has too many regrets
she isn't loved
for she has no other to share her feelings with

in reality
she is solitary
hurt, lost, and cold
she wants that other part of her
the she she's always wanted
she just wants a piece
to taste
to feel it's embrace on her
how come there are so many
yet none at all
for her

she'll scream
and cry of anger
she will feel the wrench of the fist of fate around her waist
and succumb to it's grasp
she'll bawl and wail
and end up lying on the floor
exhausted from her mind's protests of the world
she'll think
her eyes puffy from the tears swelling them
the bottom of her fists red from beating the walls and the floors
her knees sore from eventually dropping them to the floor
and she'll conclude
that she is unrealistic
she'll aim low to never be dissapointed
and she'll just want to be herself

she'll realize that the world's not far
that you can't change anything much on account of yourself
and she'll feel both the pain of sad and lonliness in her gut
and she'll walk away
just fine
as if

it never happened

1 comment:

esperanza said...

WOW! That completely expresses how I feel a lot of the time - helpless and alone, like NO ONE gets it and no one ever will. Nice job. The imagery really paints a rich picture of emotional torment, and it makes the reader sympathize and feel caught in this prison with the subject of the poem.