Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A Metaphor (press)

pools of red
are surrounding my mind
and there you are
diving in them
didn't you take swimming lessons in the third grade?
it shows
your dives are beautiful
don't pull me into the pool
I never took swimming lessons
I can't dive
you need help?
look at me on the sidelines
I'll cheer you on until my brown eyes
close for the last time
but I can't dive with you
not into those pools
the water's too deep
I don't know how
and I don't want to try.
But if you start to drown
I'll be right there
I can't dive but I can jump
and I'll swim as far as I can
and I'll rescue you.
Black and blue may have painted
parts of your body
but at least you'll be there
and you will recover over time
because I will always be there.
But what about me?
I never asked you to help me
stunt in cheer
even when I was nervous
I wouldn't do that
you don't know how.
But when the flyer falls on me
when I slip on a round-off and fall
will you be there?
Will you pull me off the mat?
off the court? off the field?
and help me?
Because I think
the flyer fell
and my round-off landed wrong
because I can feel myself falling
and hitting the ground.

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