Wednesday, December 14, 2005

In My Room (press)

Silly parents
what is the point of cleaning my room?
It'll just get dirty again.
Is that my green shirt?
I've been looking for it forever
it's that one I wore to the mall that one time
so long ago
when we sat on the benches and cried about our love lives
or lack there of.
And that? Could it be?
It's definetly that pillow.
Remember? The one I brought to your house the time we
accidentaly lit the napkin on fire.
Come here! It still smells like smoke.
What's that? Oh it's that pen.
The one I wrote those poems in
the ones that creeped you out because they were about
blood and death and stuff. But they didn't mean anything.
Oh look! It's my pumps.
The ivory ones. The ones I wore to that play where we
were going to get dates afterwards at the mall but
we were too chicken to ask those guys we met to the movies.
And is that my teddy bear?
The one we took to my basement where we cried forever
because the movie was so sad.
And is that mine? Ah yes this thank-you card!
I had almost forgot.
It's the one he wrote me after his party. When I thought he was
going to ask me out but that never happened. But whatever.
Oh look! It's my purse!
You know! The one I used at the dance that we were
definetly going to have dates to that time.
Well almost clean.
But wait is that
my red jacket?
What's the memory to that?
I had almost forgot.
But maybe that was on purpose
because it's coming back to me
and I don't really want to remember.
It's that jacket we fought over
because the red dripping from our arms
was the same red as the jacket
and it was the only way to hide it then.
Well it's kind of cold
and I think I need to wear it now.

Wow this one was a hard one to write! Everything but the last thing that happened was something that happened to me or one of my friends, which is what made it hard. Actually, I walked around my room because it's kind of messy, and gathered ideas for this! Well it's kind of a whole different style of poetry for me, because it's written as if the speaker is talking to someone who is right there. The real challenge was the ending. Well anyway enough of me rambling, I really just wanted to say to please please tell me what you think because it would really mean tons to me! Thanks bunches to those of you to do!

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esperanza said...

Wow I really like that one, and the one after it. I like how you talk about each piece and how they each have stories and memories behind them. It's interesting how the narrator is still slightly in denial about the red jacket, as if they can wear it and it won't matter - maybe you can explain it to me? Anyway, this poem is awesome.