Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Crimson Room, Part 5 (press)


When I look up
all I can see is crimson
If I think
all I can feel is crimson
I cannot breathe
The crimson is attempting
assassination on me;
my mind and soul
and body
It feels like since the begginning of time
that this torture has existed
and it won't stop till the end
just for me
I cannot remember...what color were the walls?
the shag did it feel?
my desk...what shade was it?
It's ending
I have to accept it
these facts that we long to conceal
so very badly
I, played as a puppet
my needs, my wants
It lies on them
it lies on me
dead weight, crushing my whole
are all around me
I can't escape
They won't let me
the threads are ropes now
thick ropes
the noose
again around my neck
I can't move
They don't trust me
to handle myself
So I can't be handled at all
it's over
the ropes are pulling tighter
on my frail body
so fragile
so dead
please stop
I'm drowning
the water streaming down my face
almost calms my mind from its terrified state
it is here
in this room that I can no longer remember the happiness of
that I reach
my demise
I have lost-
To the

The end.

Ok I might change it. It's not exactly as I planned, but it is there, upon repeated requests. Thank you for your enthusiasm and like I said earlier, BE HARSH! I'm going to start revisions for a final piece, so be ready for that one cuz it'll be a whopper! Lol.


esperanza said...

I LOOOVE the imagery!!! The way you draw out a slow and painful death is awesome - it feels like emotional suffocation. I don't know if that's what you were going for, but it's a great end to your series of fabulously cathartic poems.

La Reyna said...

I love the way the words flow altogether. The imagery in my mind starts immediately when I start reading the poem. Like esperanza said it does feel like emotional suffocation even if that's not what you were going for. It's really good and I liked how it ended!