Thursday, October 13, 2005

Por la Fuerza (by force) (address)

address... what is conveyed to you in this poem? what do YOU think the deeper meaning is?

Por La Fuerza

Actúo como un roboto
sin sentido
sin propósito.
Espero que este cuerpo
metálico rompa, pero
No; ellos lo cuidan.

Actúo como una actriz reacia
sin voluntad
sin emoción.
Espero estar cortada
de este reparto torcido, pero
No; soy el primer papel.

mi alma llora, pero
No me permiten de

By Force

I act like a robot
without feeling
without purpose.
I hope that this metal
body breaks, but
No; they take care of it.

I act like a reluctant actress
without will
without emotion.
I hope to be cut
from this twisted cast, but
No; I am the lead role.

my soul cries, but
they don't allow me
to feel it


esperanza said...

Hey! I love this poem. The meaning remains the same in English, and it's just as powerful. I think the speaker feels trapped and sort of detached. I like the "reluctant actress" analogy.

Hilachita said...

Good! trapped and detatched were what i was going for!

esperanza said...


Grumpy as Always said...

It makes me feel trapped. It also makes it sound like you are surounded by people you dont like for example peers

La Maestra said...

I especially like the double meaning of cast (as in a play) and cast (as in a body cast).

I hope that this metal
body breaks, but
No; they take care of it.

Very provocative...leaves me wondering who "they" are and why the speaker is so powerless.

Anonymous said...

Great poem, very deep, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I really like how you said your soul cries and they don't allow you to feel it. It's so...powerful.Nice work.