Saturday, October 15, 2005

Poetry Reading (press)

Poetry Reading

standing there
(Wasting my time)
laughing there
(I have places to be)
looking at your friends
(I'm looking at my watch)
bursting into laughter
(Someone's gonna burst
if you don't hurry)

you begin to read
I hope its quick
(You've taken enough of my time)
I guess
I'll listen
(Since you've been standing there so long already)

You read:
blood covers the
bathroom floor.
my life is crap.
i look dead already...

On and on you go.
my sarcastic, parenthetical self
edges away
(um... i need a breath of fresh air...)
the focus on myself
as you read.
i become
in myself.
in you.
in your poem.
Snapping fingers
fill the air
as others appreciate
your art. But i
sit, stunned.
like a knight unseated
by a small boy.


achoo said...

I really love the use of parentheses, and italics. And the way the tone changes is really captivating, like first, you're (as you say) parenthetical and sarcastic, and almost humourous, but you gradually change to serious and it's like your drowning in your own, unwritten yet written poem. It's so cool! Also I love how you change the capitalization of the word "I" with the tone.
REALLY amazing job. I am in love! =)

La Maestra said...

GREAT last line.