Sunday, October 30, 2005

Our Respect-----We Should Send to Her ( Bless)

(this is not my poem this belongs to Jeffery Nero Hardy)

She died today.
I'm not sure why?
She left us this way.
I'm not sure again?

I thought of nonsense yesterday..........
I think of serious feelings right now.
It's words like..........
Died, Killed, Hurt and Murdered..........
That jump start our emotions for a single moment at a time..........
At a time: meaning they don't last, one day at a time becomes the unsatisfied past.

She died today.
And yet we still laugh!
She left us this way.
And yet we still complain!

Even though we didn't know her, Even though we didn't see her,
We don't have to act as if we never talked to her.
She was one of us, we are one of her, she should be remembered..........our
respect we should send to her.

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La Maestra said...

Nero, I hope you will post some of your own poetry too!
Love L.M.