Monday, October 17, 2005

Me (press)

Blonde hair
Green to blue eyes
A person trapped

family of SEVEN
youngest of all
to much to live up to

want o leave
the world of perfect
need to get away

want own fame
want to be myself
i want to be an individual

The blonde hair is mine
The green to blue eyes are also mine
Why do I feel so trapped within myself

i wish to leave this body
i wish to let my friends to know me
to know me the true un-trapped me

Blonde hair
Green to blue eyes
All of this is a new

Thank you for understranding
My desire to be free
To be an individual


Anonymous said...

Some typos? Easy to fix, though.

The last stanza is a surprise--this poem seems like a solitary reverie, and then suddenly we, as readers, are addressed directly. Is this intentional?

Hilachita said...

I would change the word "untrapped"