Sunday, October 16, 2005

in Your arms (bless, press, address, whatever)

Address... Well it's past 12:30 in the morning. I wrote this 3 minutes ago. So say whatever you want... mainly does it make sense... I'll be reading this tomorrow not remembering any of it...

in Your arms

The enemy surrounds
me. i have been
engaged in this battle
for too long
Like a marshmallow
in a campfire
Like popcorn
in the microwave
I am burnt.
only my essential
characteristics remain.
my arms hang
nearly limp
my legs
are numb to me
The enemy stands
between me and
my camp.
i charge through
their ranks
Like a gauntlet
i must survive
their swords
my ripping flesh
i feel myself
falling apart
dying. i break
through to
my camp
all that remains
of me
my weary soul
my dying heart
and mismatching
pieces of my mind
i crawl
inch by inch
to Your tent
broken and humble
i enter Your prescence
sweet and beautiful
You say:
My dear daughter, my love
i stutter:
i am sorry
and with a final breath:
i couldn't make You proud
You smile
You smile at the remains
of me
at my broken soul
discouraged heart
and deadened mind
You say:
I couldn't be prouder
holding me in Your arms
i cry on your shoulder as
You make me
again. Now
all that I am
is all that
You made me.
You say:
My darling
I will never let
them tear you apart.
What they tear
from you, I
allow them to.
What is left
is perfect.
You are perfect.
just the way you are.
I close my
eyes and hear
Your words
Your prescence
makes my soul
makes my heart
beat faster
and sets my mind
Your words
are sweeter
than cinnamon rolls
than double chocolate cookies
more fulfilling
than a full steak dinner
more healing
than all the world's medicine
more beautiful
than any other sound
on earth or Heaven.
You speak to me
until I sleep
under your protection
I rest.
You kiss my forehead
and brush my hair
from my face.
You say:
I love you.


achoo said...

Wow. Is this a moment you've experienced? You describe it well, it leaves a lasting impression, and it's pretty cool. Nice job! =)

Hilachita said...

Ya actually it is. It's like those days when you get home and you had the worst day EVER and literally almost everyone was actually out to get you - and they got you. It's those days when you just want to crawl in a hole and wait until things change for the better. This poem describes my days like that, when I come home and spend time with God and crawl into Jesus' lap and let Him build my spirit up again and love on me. (ok so that sounds all "spiritual" and "christian," but I wouldn't say it if I couldn't feel it.)

achoo said...

no that's really cool that you have a faith that strong that gets you through times like this, and that you can put that incredible emotion into words is a skill that is definetly aquired through hard work. Again, nice job! =)