Thursday, October 13, 2005


Imaginary descrbes me
My own world, only if ture
Reading drags you in
Get away from worries
Get involved
With favorites
School to my own world in
0.5 seconds
That is what it takes ME
My own world
Reading grags you in
READING takes you away, only if it were true


'Thought & Humor' said...
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Hilachita said...

I think that the poem is pretty good overall, except that it seems that only the first line and the title have the "imaginary" theme in them, while the others seem to contain more the "reading is an escape and another world for me."

La Maestra said...

I'm wondering if you have some typos in the first two lines and in the second to the last line...?

(We should all probably spell check before we post, so that we ensure that everything we post is deliberate.)

I especially like the line:

"School to my own world in
0.5 seconds"

I wonder if you can find a newer way to express the idea that

"READING takes you away"

That line feels a little bit cliched. Is there another way to say that, or to express that feeling? A different metaphor, maybe?